Product Review | "Through the Woods Workflow" by Sleeklens


Through The Woods Workflow

After a shoot it is not uncommon for landscape photographers to spend hours in front of a computer retouching their images. While matching tones, tweaking color, and correcting exposure in Lightroom is enjoyable for some, it can be a nightmare for others.  Sleeklens, a photo company based in Denmark, has created a solution for this frustrating problem.   The “Through the Woods Workflow” is a collection of custom Lightroom presets and brushes tailored for landscape photographers, who want to unleash their creative potential without being hindered by the time and effort of post processing.  The primary strengths of the “Through the Woods Workflow” are its efficiency and versatility, which are exemplified in the images below.  



Arch Rock | Joshua Tree National Park




Dramatically increase editing speed

Using the workflow dramatically increases editing speed. By building the stackable presets to create a solid base and then using the custom brushes for fine tuning, an image can be edited and polished in a matter of minutes.



Avalanche Creek | Glacier National Park 




Reliably retouch any lighting scenario

Containing over 50 dynamic presets and 30 custom brushes it is no wonder that the “Through the Woods Workflow” works well with a variety of different lighting scenarios. From blazing sunsets to overcast afternoons, there is nothing that the “Through the Woods Workflow” cannot handle effectively.



“Through the Woods Workflow” by Sleeklens is a powerful set of Lightroom presets and brushes perfect for any landscape photographer who need a versatile and efficient way to post process their images.


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